Main goals and services

The Shipping association of Iran (SAOI)’s goals and services can be summarized as follows:
1. Protecting the members’ rights and shared interests
2. Serving as an authority in this area of business
3. Organizing specialized national and international maritime transport committees
4. Holding training courses on port, maritime and navigation. for the members and enlisting the help of qualified instructors and experts
5. Setting up a dispute settlement council under the supervision of the Iranian Judiciary to resolve disputes and disagreements
6. Accepting maritime cases and passing judgments according to rules and regulations.
7. Attending the maritime’s hearings, executives and administrative sessions
8. Offering expert and nonprofit counsels to the members
9. Making a continued, strong presence in national, regional, and international assemblies and chambers of commerce addressing maritime activities
10. Collecting, compiling and publishing papers, opinions, experience, and acts with regard to shipping’s industry
11. Endeavoring to resolve problems and obstacles of the association and those arising from maritime transport and issuing appropriate directives


The objectives of the association are as follows:

  1. Protecting the rights and common interests of members
  2. Effective efforts through planning, to improve the technical and scientific knowledge of the members of the association and its employees or other stakeholders, in order to provide optimal services, spread port and maritime culture, and develop scientific and practical services and sciences related to the field of business throughout the country.
  3. Effective and continuous presence in domestic, regional and international circles, assemblies, associations and chambers of commerce related to port, maritime and shipping affairs and other logistics matters, as well as presenting the opinions of the association and informing the members and other economic stakeholders of the decisions made. According to the laws of the country
  4. Effective presence as a permanent member or observer in councils, main and sub-commissions, working groups, committees and headquarters of the executive branch, legislative branch, judiciary and other administrative and governmental systems and all divisions of the private sector related to port, maritime and shipping and other related matters, as the case may be, and in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, in order to provide advice and opinions of the association and protect the rights of the members in order to advance the goals of the association and the development and progress of the port and maritime industry and related and logistic services of the country
  5. Providing specialized and non-profit advisory services related to port, maritime and shipping affairs and other logistics matters to members of the association or other applicants.
  6. Attending hearings of judicial, administrative, executive, financial, banking, tax and other governing systems in the field of specialized business in port, maritime and shipping affairs and other related matters and providing expert advice and opinion by sending a qualified representative or representatives Qualification, in case of official request of such institutions, in order to advance the goals and duties of the association and according to the terms and conditions of the board of directors
  7. Accepting and issuing arbitration rulings, specialized and professional authority in reviewing disputes, providing expert opinions in referrals through the establishment of an arbitration center, establishing and operating a specialized dispute resolution council and resolving disputes between members or others in relation to specialized maritime, port and shipping and other related matters (according to the regulations) and introduction of expert or expert experts and arbitrator or qualified arbitrators to institutions and individuals applying for arbitration; Also, resolving possible disputes between the members of the association and/or with other natural or legal persons, in case of an official request from the association and accepting and paying the related costs. The terms and conditions of these cases are determined and communicated through the board of directors of the association.
  8. Holding training and specialized courses regarding port, maritime and shipping affairs and other related matters for members and others, using qualified professors and experts through partnership with domestic and foreign educational centers and by establishing a specialized and higher education center or Any other possible way
  9. Collecting, compiling and publishing articles, opinions, experiences and approvals related to port, maritime and shipping affairs and other related matters.
  10. Creation and management of specialized committees for domestic and international and multifaceted maritime transport, in accordance with the approval of the board of directors of the association and in compliance with the provisions and contents of the association’s articles of associations, in order to protect the rights of the members of the association and also to notify the approvals of these committees in accordance with the conditions of the establishment of such a committee. through the association’s secretariat
  11. Activities in order to attract and guide investment, both domestic and foreign, in order to develop the port, maritime and shipping industry and other related matters, in order to improve the quality of services in the country’s commercial ports and increase the quantitative and qualitative level of the country’s commercial and service fleet. , for the production and employment in this sector, with the coordination and cooperation of the relevant bodies and according to the rules and regulations governing them
  12. Efforts to resolve trade union obstacles and problems and problems caused by maritime transportation of goods, port services and all logistics links and sub-sectors, with diligence in developing variable or fixed executive mechanisms, executive bylaws as well as developing tariffs. with the aim of systematizing professional activities

خدماتی که انجمن می توانند به شرکت‌ها ارائه دهد

یک سازمان یا نظام اقتصادی که در آن کالاها و خدمات برای یک دیگر یا برای پول مبادله می کنند . هر کسب و کار نیاز به نوعی سرمایه گذاری دارد و به اندازه کافی مشتریان است که می تواند خروجی خود را به طور صحیح به فروش برساند تا سود ایجاد کند


گزینه اول

توضیح کوتاه


گزینه دوم

توضیح کوتاه


گزینه نهایی

توضیح کوتاه

تلاش برای رشد کسب و کار حمل و نقل دریایی اعضا

در سال ۱401 با به هم پیوستن شرکت‌های جدید کشتیرانی به خانواده بزرگ انجمن کشتیرانی و خدمات وابسته ایران بیش از 320 شرکت از خدمات ما استفاده می‌کنند. برای شناخت بیشتر از خدمات و ابزارهای انجمن با ما تماس بگیرید.