Specialized Committees:
The Shipping association of Iran (SAOI) has 9 specialized committees listed as under to cater and facilitate the requirements of its members who are among Shipping community and in order to handle these needs, each committee consists of members elected within the committee to perform several activities voluntarily.

The committees are:

1- Container affairs
2- Legal affairs
3- Customs, transit and forwarding
4- Port and non-container affairs
5- Dispute resolution and arbitration
6- Petroleum and chemical products
7- Education and research
8- International affairs
9- Tax and social security


International Affairs Committee:
The international affairs committee is designed to promote the international division of the Shipping association of Iran (SAOI) and connect to bodies of its alike performance and increase the educational and relational aspect of the business. Apart from this, the international affairs committee is dedicated to bring to the presence and attention of foreign embassies and joint chambers the activities of the Shipping association of Iran (SAOI) along with any related rules and regulations.

Main objectives of international affairs committee
1. Promoting SAOI brand image by facilitating direct associations with international organizations, promoting international friendship and meaningful relationship, cultural exchange and a general international awareness
2. Developing activities such as Knowledge exchange and capacity building within shipping industry and professional development programs

3. Enhancing Iran’s shipping industry and economic prospect through business-to-business approach
4. Supporting SAOI in hosting international delegations, conventions, events, conferences, workshops and meetings wherever appropriate
5. Considering and providing consultation to SAOI members on general international matters
6. Providing analysis and interpretation of current international developments and relevance issues concerning the shipping industry.
7. Collaborating with the other Shipping’s associations worldwide on regional and global level:

خدماتی که انجمن می توانند به شرکت‌ها ارائه دهد

یک سازمان یا نظام اقتصادی که در آن کالاها و خدمات برای یک دیگر یا برای پول مبادله می کنند . هر کسب و کار نیاز به نوعی سرمایه گذاری دارد و به اندازه کافی مشتریان است که می تواند خروجی خود را به طور صحیح به فروش برساند تا سود ایجاد کند


گزینه اول

توضیح کوتاه


گزینه دوم

توضیح کوتاه


گزینه نهایی

توضیح کوتاه

تلاش برای رشد کسب و کار حمل و نقل دریایی اعضا

در سال ۱401 با به هم پیوستن شرکت‌های جدید کشتیرانی به خانواده بزرگ انجمن کشتیرانی و خدمات وابسته ایران بیش از 320 شرکت از خدمات ما استفاده می‌کنند. برای شناخت بیشتر از خدمات و ابزارهای انجمن با ما تماس بگیرید.