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The background and service record of shipping association of Iran goes back to the Iranian calendar year 1332 (1953). On that year owing to the difficulties occurred in respect of waiting time for berthing vessels at Khorramshahr, the agents of shipping lines all gathered together to resolve the problem of congestion of vessels at the anchorage of Khorramshahr then considered the most active and important state commercial port. Following this process , the syndicate of shipping lines agents came into existence. This syndicate from the onset dealt with the problem of waiting time of the vessels in a manner that gradualty the congestion difficulty at the anchorages in harmony with Khorramshahr Port Authority was remedied.  In the year 1333 (1954) taking advantage of its success in Khorramshahr expanded its activities in other ports of the country including Bushehr, Bandar Imam Khomeini (BIK) (then called Shahpoor) and Bandar Abbas and acted in practice as coordinator among shipping lines agents. In the year 1349 (1970) the syndicate of the shipping lines agents in the light of broadening its operations in the various ports of the country and with a view to the improvement came about in the government economic stracture somehow underwent transformation and carried on its activity under the title of syndicate of owners and shipping agents.  After the triumph of Islamic revolution and considering the new situation prevalent in the country the above mentioned name changed to Association of Owners and Shipping Agents and indicental services. Upon ending of the imposed war in year 1367 (1988) and taking into account the rule of trading guilt for meeting the economic needs of the country in the aftermath of war , the association structure underwent changes in the decade of 70 and with the beginning of the year 1313 (1944) appeared as Iran Shipping Association.